Vision and Values

Who We Are

Revolt Football Education is a unique football education path, aiming to develop skilled, confident, creative, and passionate individuals and groups through learning football. 

Our Mindset

We see football (soccer) as a remarkable tool to discover our potentials, edges and our limitations, and to courageously challenge them and thrive; technically, physically, psychologically and socially.  

Our Approach

We take advantage of our knowledge, experience, and expertise in teaching football with a pragmatist approach to create an effective educational environment. In this environment rather than providing all the answers, we provide guidelines and we engage our members to discover the solutions. We praise curiosity, dedication, cooperation, and communication. 

Art of Football

We believe football can be viewed and utilized beyond just entertainment. Football has a remarkable capacity to bring people together and help them better understand themselves and one another. 

By its format football is a very unique sport comparing to any other; football is (what we call) a simply complex environment! 

The format and the rules of an actual game of football (11v11) are easy to understand, however, it creates an exceptionally floating environment for the participants where they are significantly smaller than the space they are performing in; working towards a common goal. At the same time, the outcome (result) for each group is not necessarily determined by one single parameter but mostly by the relation, distance and interactions between multiple variables (such as the players, supporters, and sometimes weather and referees) within a relatively long period of time (90 minutes). The game sometimes doesn’t stop for over several minutes which is very unique for a team sport on this scale. Having this many variables makes football fairly unpredictable. 

Understandably the element of teamwork in football is exceptionally bold that usually even having the most experienced and skilled individuals on your side is not enough to guarantee your success. You need more, you need harmony!  

That’s why we see football as an art form! 

Football allows us to passionately practice and experience the necessity of certain values such as: 

  • Curiosity and Consciousness
  • Inclusiveness and Respect 
  • Dedication, Communication, and Cooperation 
  • Knowledge, Expertise, and Wisdom 
  • Passion and Compassion 
  • Courage and Resilience