Football INTROduction

4 to 6 years of age

Football INTROduction program is designed to simply introduce football to very young children (4 to 6 years of age) in an engaging and lively environment.

From the physical and technical perspective, RFE Football INTROduction offers age-appropriate movement activities (Running, Hopping, Jumping, Skipping, Spinning) combined with basic technical concepts (Dribbling, Passing/Shooting, Ball Control) which are incorporated in a variety of fun games and activities.  

Fridays 6:00 to 7:00 pm

Location: Toronto Soccerplex

7 sessions
In 7 (Consecutive) Weeks
  • $30 (RFE Umbro T-shirt)
15 sessions
In 15 (Consecutive) Weeks
  • $30 (RFE Umbro T-shirt)

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