Adults Program

21 to 45 years of age

Revolt Football Education Adults Program is a positive, inclusive and educational environment designed for adults (21 to 45 years of age) with different skill levels to learn, experience and enjoy football; from novice players to those who are fairly skilled and experienced.  

In addition to its health benefits as a wholesome workout, football allows us to passionately practice and experience the necessity of certain values. Read more here

RFE Adults Program’s aim is not only to deliver a quality skills development practice for adults, but certainly to advance participants’ decision-making abilities concerning the most important elements of the game including the ball, space, teammates, and opponent. 

Session Layout

During each session, we target one or a few related Technical Objective/s incorporated with its relevant physical, psychological concepts through practical drills and activities. Then we play football games (4v4, 5v5 or 6v6) where we focus on corresponding Game Comprehension Concept/s and we get a chance to apply new lessons in the actual game (individually and collectively). 

Game Comprehension Concepts

In-Possession: Position, Possession, Penetration, Supportive play 
Transition: Positive

Out-Possession: Team shape (Defensive Block), Game Anticipation, Pressing
Transition: Negative

Technical Objectives

Ball Control, Dribbling, Running, Turning, Shielding, Passing, Receiving, First-Touch, Shooting, Feints, Finishing, Defending, Supporting and Decision-Making Habits

Sundays from 12:30 to 1:30 pm

Location: Toronto Soccerplex


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