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It is hard to talk about Revolt Football Education without talking about Sina Davari. So let’s start there. 

Sina grew up playing street soccer, practicing martial arts and playing competitive futsal in Iran. He studied Computer Software Engineering in university. After earning his degree, he cut his career in technology short to become a professional footballer. After one year, Sina got his first semi-professional opportunity as a player, and also decided to take his first coaching course. That’s when he discovered his true potential to become a professional soccer coach.

Earning the Asian Football Confederation C license was the next step in Sina’s career. In 2014 he got his first official coaching job position a few months after he became an AFC certified coach.

Since then, he coached hundreds of individuals and quite a few competitive teams; from leading teams in grassroots and youth development leagues, to training dedicated youth and semi-professional soccer players. After moving to Canada in 2015, he was awarded with a C License by Canada Soccer, became a personal trainer specialist with Canadian Fitness Professionals in 2017, and a trained Canada Soccer B License coach in 2018.

Sina and his partner Shahrzad Soroosh met before he began his career in football, during the time they both were recent university graduates. With a BA in English Language Translation, BDES in Illustration from OCAD University, Shahrzad also had more than 10 years of experience in business communication, operation, and management. Their vision, knowledge, experience, passion and ambition led Sina and Shahrzad to explore ways to initiate a unique project, and that’s when Revolt Football Education was born.

After a trial period in 2018, Revolt Football Education was officially launched in 2019 as a training company providing professional skill development soccer training programs for kids, youth, and adults. Since then, the company has enjoyed helping numerous individuals take their skills to the next level, to better enjoy playing football, to be more confident, creative, cooperative and resilient; on and off the pitch.

Mission, Vision and Values

Revolt Football Education has two missions: our first mission is to educate footballers; on and off the pitch, locally and globally. And our second mission is to inspire more people to practice and to play football; by demonstrating how learning and playing football can be a rewarding lifelong process. 

We pursue our missions on the pitch: by crafting professional, effective and enjoyable environments for players to develop their skills, and off the pitch: by supporting players with the necessary information, resources, and practical solutions about their journey. 

Our approach to player development is holistic, professional and pragmatic. Purpose, Courage, Discipline, and Joy sit at the heart of our way of doing things. Our job is to teach and to learn; to remain curious students, and mindful teachers.

On this journey, we are grateful to all the members who have helped us make Revolt Football Education a reality, including our diligent part-time coaches, photo and videographers, web-developers, business advisors and indeed our valued clients.

What People Say

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“ I really appreciated the focus on providing quality education to up my football skills. All the drills were about getting better in the game. I also appreciate the amount of attention and practice session sizes. Thanks Sina“
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“ Sina is a very professional and knowledgeable coach. During the times I have trained with him, he has taught me a lot of things I can carry with me to help me to be a better footballer. I would recommend training with him to anyone who is interested in learning the beautiful game of football and improving their skills.”
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“ I have never played football before and to be honest I was not even open to the experience, one of my friends took me with him for one session and that was enough for me to be hooked. The price is fair for having a semi-private coach. I highly recommend you to give it a try.”
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“ Sina is always prepared with training exercises which engage every player, no matter their level in soccer. In one year, I can see how I have evolved within the sport, not just while tackling or defending or passing or scoring a goal but off the field as well in terms of teamwork and discipline. Thank you Revolt Football!”

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